Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a great way to restore the appearance of the teeth. They are typically used by a cosmetic dentist such as Linda Westmoreland to provide a secure foundation for permanent teeth in the mouth. They are created to match the natural teeth in the mouth. Most of them are made of titanium, which helps them to last for a lifetime. This cosmetic dentistry procedure offers a natural tooth replacement that is easy to achieve.

What to Know About Dental Implants
Ultimately, dental implants can be used for one tooth or multiple teeth or as anchors to keep sliding dentures in place. They can help to improve appearance, speech, comfort and oral health. Any dental patient can get dental implants except those with Type II Diabetes or heart disease. Patients just need healthy gums and enough bone to be able to successfully hold the implants in place.

The procedure can typically be done in just one hour and is painless. The implants are placed under the gums into the jawbone with a titanium screw. The gums are then given about three months to heal around the implant in order to form a new tooth root. These implants are permanent and thus can never be removed. Because of this, they are the best tooth replacement dental procedure on the market. To schedule an appointment with Rolla Missouri dentist Linda Westmoreland to discuss what dental implants can do for your oral health, call 573-368-7325. She has successfully completed countless dental implant procedures and would love to help you too.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Linda K. Westmoreland, DDS of Wedgewood Dental Offers Same-Day Crowns Using CEREC Technology in Rolla, MO

If you suffer a cracked or broken tooth, Dr. Linda K. Westmoreland is likely to recommend a dental crown, also known as a custom-fitted cap to cover it and restore the tooth’s shape, strength, and appearance. In the past, a procedure as such would take two days to complete. But now with CEREC technology, a dental crown can provide you with same-day dental restorations.

CEREC is an advanced dental restorative system that not only allows Dr. Westmoreland to place crowns. It allows her to restore decayed teeth, remove defective or unsightly fillings, and place cosmetic veneers in a single visit. By providing patients with CEREC technology, we can provide dental restorations at a lower cost to you. Usually, crowns are a multiple visit process, but with CEREC, you can have a complete crown done in less than two hours. If you have a cracked tooth, old failing restorations, or otherwise large damage on your teeth, you may be a CEREC candidate.
If you qualify for a crown and have further questions regarding our CEREC technology, please give us a call. 

To learn about the services we provide at our office, visit for more information. To schedule an appointment with Linda K. Westmoreland at Wedgewood Dental in Rolla, MO, call 573-368-7325.